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Updated on May 06, 2015
white Jag Jeans coat - navy Jag Jeans jeans - black loeffler randall bag
White-jag-jeans-coat-navy-jag-jeans-jeans-black-loeffler-randall-bag White-jag-jeans-coat-navy-jag-jeans-jeans-black-loeffler-randall-bag White-jag-jeans-coat-navy-jag-jeans-jeans-black-loeffler-randall-bag White-jag-jeans-coat-navy-jag-jeans-jeans-black-loeffler-randall-bag
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KimTuttle 's Thoughts:

Denim is such an American classic; it’s easy to see why denim on denim is trending this season. I’ve always been a jean girl, especially since middle school when I started to take notice of the different fits, styles and materials of jeans and how they looked on my body. Since then, I’ve been extremely picky and every pair must meet my personal list of criteria before I decide to wear them. For my fellow denim lovers, I can’t wait to tell you about Jag Jeans new signature piece, Freedom Knit Denim, because they are the equivalent of my jeans soul mate. The fit, the material, the way they wash, and how they never lose their shape (like ever) all exceeds my jean wearing expectations.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jag Jeans as they’re sold at large retailers such as Nordstrom, but what you may not know is that the company is run by all women, inspiring right? And honestly, I only trust a woman to design the jeans I’m going to wear because I’m assured that she knows the daily denim wearing struggles and will create the perfect pair to solve my problems. The brilliant ladies of Jag Jeans came up with Freedom Knit Denim which they nurturingly call ‘their baby’. These jeans literally feel like a pair of sweatpants and act like it as well in their flexibility and comfort and the way they never lose their shape during and after wear. Jag Jeans is able to get their knit denim to feel like sweats but look like jeans by stretching the fabric as it is woven on the loom. Once the fabric is released from the loom, it bounces back to its original shape, giving the inside of the jeans a soft fluffy feel- similar to the inside of a pair of sweats. So amazing, right?

With this look I opted for a different take on the denim jacket (also made by Jag Jeans) by wearing it in white and as a button-down top. I love the contrast of it against the dark denim and by adding a pair of heels I was able to get some added height and glam. Accessories were minimal with a black and white printed bag and a pair of statement earrings.

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to follow Jag Jeans on Instagram (@jagjeansusa) so you can be apart of their Freedom by Jag campaign which highlights everyday women doing what they love in their Freedom Knit Denim jeans. Join the campaign with your own post and #freedombyjag.

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