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Updated on Dec 23, 2013
cream karimadon dress - nude lanvin bag - beige Aldo heels
Cream-karimadon-dress-nude-lanvin-bag-cream-aldo-hair-accessory Cream-karimadon-dress-nude-lanvin-bag-cream-aldo-hair-accessory Cream-karimadon-dress-nude-lanvin-bag-cream-aldo-hair-accessory Cream-karimadon-dress-nude-lanvin-bag-cream-aldo-hair-accessory Cream-karimadon-dress-nude-lanvin-bag-cream-aldo-hair-accessory
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Talk to any surgeon and they will tell you that the hardest part of the job is knowing when not to cut. Ask a chef and they would muse the hardest part of the job is knowing when to stop seasoning. Approach a makeup artist and inquire what the biggest challenge it was that they came across and they would readily say that it is knowing when to stop applying. And of course, like most girls who have experienced this more than once in their lifetime, I think you don't need to ask a hairstylist what the hardest part of the job is: it's knowing when to stop chopping off hair although visual representation and not words can demonstrate this point I am making more graphically. That is so with any job... perhaps with every activity. I see people who gamble (not that I do because I like my money where I can see it... hanging in my closet) who were at the top of their game... only to end up losing everything. The popular saying goes, that the house always wins, but I think the "establishment" is not to be blamed here... it's human nature to not know when to stop. As with every profession, the same principle applies in fashion design. Fashion designers are always encouraged to fine tune and look at each and every single piece and aspect of a design. The hardest part isn't creating the design... it's preventing oneself from over designing, of putting down the pen and the marker and not adding any more elements. I know as self-proclaimed "artists," we think the more over-designed and with additional unnecessary elements, the more versatile it is. But that is not always the case. Sometimes, the most disastrous dresses I have seen are those that are "trying too hard." The many elements: a bow, a twisted front, an asymmetrical A-line hem, a different fabric etc. end up being confusing and ultimately, it just doesn't work.

And so, I've been receiving a lot of queries regarding this particular dress that I didn't wear and to address this non-issue for once and for all, I would like to say that I am not the dress' or the dress designer's spokesperson, and I am not being paid good money to act as their PR person so I won't take it upon myself to speak in my behalf for such an atrocious thing. I do not know what possessed any individual to create or wear such a thing but I am getting tired of getting nonstop inquiries about it, I want to address the issue once and for all. I would never wear a dress like that on such a special occasion and I will also never know what would possess me to agree to put that thing on over my head. But to save everyone time to go on a hate spree, let me show you how I would wear a little white dress (which I rarely do since I prefer my white dresses long.) I have of course no plans of wearing this to my own wedding... a semi-fancy 2-star restaurant dinner, perhaps... but when accessorized properly, worn with confidence, designed appropriately and steam- ironed, a white dress can actually the fashion's next biggest gift to us... after White Blouses, Little Black Dresses, Black Pumps and Oversized Sunglasses, that is.
PS: I only got this dress for P499...



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NathaliaV on August 10
cool ^^
BittysCloset on January 03
you never fail!
DerriusIvy on December 25 via Android mobile device icon
beautiful !!!!!
bkgurl36 on December 23
KieraJo on December 23
That bow is so fun!
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